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Recently on Modern Mechanix we looked at this nifty wrist watch camera from 1939 that holds enough film for 36 photos, an odd cure for hay fever, a shipboard kennel located in a false funnel on the ocean liner …

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Recently on Modern Mechanix we look at this cool little fish shaped submarine, a 1902 ad for an adding machine called the Comptometer, a 1936 Popular Science piece that explains why we might have another ice age, …

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Recently on Modern Mechanix we looked at a 1950 Mechanix Illustrated article about how some of history's most famous inventions were discovered by accident. Pictured at right is Wilhelm von Roentgen's simultanious discovery of both the X-Ray and the …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we looked at this gasoline powered radio that gets 160 hours of playtime per gallon, a pretty precarious looking sled-bike, a lengthy 1931 Popular Science article about evolution, and a 1928 plan for passengers …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we look at a wonderful 1954 article from Colliers magazine that predicted the huge changes coming due to solid-state electronics. Published just a few years after the invention of the transistor this article talks about …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we have a 1956 Mechanix Illustrated article about scientist's plans to redesign the human body, including moving the mouth to the stomach and adding an eye to the tip of a finger. Showing that hucksters …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we have this bizarre contraption designed to torture teach your baby how to walk, a "compact" gauge to measure the speed of baseball pitches, a round up of cool gadgets used in store windows to …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we look at this 1973 Popular Science article about the debut of the world's first cell phone, Motorola's Dynatac.

In super-dense Manhattan, for example, a transmitter and its antenna may be designed to cover a

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Today on Modern Mechanix we look back to a simpler time when earstwhile wiretappers only needed a pair of vampire clips and a contact microphone to do their job instead of a bevy of wireless digital network sniffers. I imagine …

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Today on Modern Mechanix we have this cute little midget television set with a 2" screen, a $375 four-function 1970 calculator, an attempt to set the non-stop tractor riding record, a talking mailbox, and we learned how …