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Software developer and GIF archivist in San Francisco. Follow me on Twitter.

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Tech Sec with Dean Putney: “Steve’s back!” “Hey, I’m back.”

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Jesus Christ, it’s Leonardo daVinci’s mechanical lion! Get in the car! Link

Flat Top Intervention

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I’m a big fan of productivity through game rewards. This made my heart skip a beat: Link Secret code: h9qezxrtmg

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Hysterical video of a modified bike that controls your bandwidth: Link Short and sweet.

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If this doesn’t blow your mind, nothing will: Link 3D modeling Rome from thousands of Flickr photos.

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1 gigabyte of data, then and now: Link

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Create an infinite baffle subwoofer by using a whole room as your speaker cabinet: Link

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Dry ice bubble: Link (in operatic baritone) SCIENCE!

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Adorable yellow robot lays down mad funky drum beats on your household knickknacks: Link