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Chris Harrison in the CMU HCII built these bumpy touchscreens: Link "Bumpy" is oversimplifying it, they're awesome.…

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Super cool kitchen gadgets: Link I'm sold on the hard boiled egg cuber! Second: the flavor evaporator.…

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A SQL query walks up to two tables in a restaurant and says: "Mind if I join you?"…

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"If we can design things that are somewhat emotionally engaging, it doesn't have to be as reliable." Link

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Eight bytes walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Can I get you anything?”

“Yeah,” reply the bytes. “Make us a double.”…

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Insect-powered paper airplanes: Link I've read it's best to refrigerate them so they sleep and can be glued easier.…

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How to start and drive a Ford Model T: Link via Neatorama…

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The Pirate Bay is in the process of being acquired: Link

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You may use your class notes and Feynman: Link

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Here's a gadget and a half for you: a triple double pendulum - Link