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Video: Propellerheads "Record" audio suite

Old news to those that make music, perhaps, but new to me: Propellerheads, the people who make the delightful sequencer Reason (which I will someday actually buy instead of using the demo for a few days then getting scared to…

Felt Playstation is really an iPhone case

An adorable felt PlayStation is really a case for your iPhone, crafted and sold by etsy seller rabbitrampage for just $20. (It's sold out now, but I bet they'll make you another one.) The PS1 controller keychain is sold separately,…

Optimus Prime USB Speakers are more than meets the ears

If the horrendous Michael Bay movies haven't already sullied your love of Original Flavor™ Transformers, you'll be able to plop this Optimus Prime head that conceals USB speakers in its flapping ears for $50 in July. Except it's July right…

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"Chris Anderson is worse than Wal-Mart". Efficiently run newsrooms != Free. Link

Video: Air NZ "Bare Essentials" Air Safety Video

Has there ever been a kiwi that has sounded mean or ominous? They're the most adorable English speakers in the world. Oh, there's ever-so-slight nudity in this video, but it is not sexual in any way. [via @jonnodotcom]…

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Old farts remember the Walkman, but not what it was like to be a literate teenager. (Oh, MeFi, you scamp.) Link

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Online clothier proudly reuses "ugly" cardboard shipping boxes. Every company should be doing this. Link

Living off the grid with a Palm Pre: Cattle Rancher Edition

File this review from a rancher who used only his Palm Pre to access the web under "phones are computers now":
I did a lot of study and comparison shopping before I decided on the Pre. Again, my family lives

"Tourist Remover" cleans up your vacation photos

"Tourist Removed" is a web app that will remove other tourists from the photos you took of landmarks while on vacation as a tourist. All you have to do is take multiple shots of the same location, and…

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NYC holds "Big Apple Apps" contest, encouraging devs to make apps using City data. I ♥ NY. Link