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Video: Propellerheads “Record” audio suite

Old news to those that make music, perhaps, but new to me: Propellerheads, the people who make the delightful sequencer Reason (which I will someday actually buy instead of using the demo for a few days then getting scared to … Continue reading

Felt Playstation is really an iPhone case

An adorable felt PlayStation is really a case for your iPhone, crafted and sold by etsy seller rabbitrampage for just $20. (It’s sold out now, but I bet they’ll make you another one.) The PS1 controller keychain is sold separately, … Continue reading

Optimus Prime USB Speakers are more than meets the ears

If the horrendous Michael Bay movies haven’t already sullied your love of Original Flavor™ Transformers, you’ll be able to plop this Optimus Prime head that conceals USB speakers in its flapping ears for $50 in July. Except it’s July right … Continue reading

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“Chris Anderson is worse than Wal-Mart”. Efficiently run newsrooms != Free. Link

Video: Air NZ “Bare Essentials” Air Safety Video

Has there ever been a kiwi that has sounded mean or ominous? They’re the most adorable English speakers in the world. Oh, there’s ever-so-slight nudity in this video, but it is not sexual in any way. [via @jonnodotcom]

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Old farts remember the Walkman, but not what it was like to be a literate teenager. (Oh, MeFi, you scamp.) Link

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Online clothier proudly reuses “ugly” cardboard shipping boxes. Every company should be doing this. Link

Living off the grid with a Palm Pre: Cattle Rancher Edition

File this review from a rancher who used only his Palm Pre to access the web under “phones are computers now”: I did a lot of study and comparison shopping before I decided on the Pre. Again, my family lives … Continue reading

“Tourist Remover” cleans up your vacation photos

“Tourist Removed” is a web app that will remove other tourists from the photos you took of landmarks while on vacation as a tourist. All you have to do is take multiple shots of the same location, and Tourist Remover … Continue reading

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NYC holds “Big Apple Apps” contest, encouraging devs to make apps using City data. I ♥ NY. Link