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John Brownlee

Next iPhone to come in matte black?


As far as Apple rumors go, this one's pretty insignificant, but here it is: according to iPod Observer, they've attained leaked images of the new 16GB iPhone, and while there isn't anything new spec-wise to report, it will apparently …

Micro Innovation brings bamboo to accessories


In Japan, the usage of bamboo in computer products is pretty much the generic equivalent of using charcoal gray or opalescent white plastic in the States: wholly unimaginative, perhaps cloying. But what's a design cliche in one hemisphere is fresh …

Gas mask kazoos


For the Berliner, the vodka-reeking hawkers of Soviet kitsch are a ubiquitous site around the Disneyland spectacle of Checkpoint Charlie. Wearing faux-beaver caps and decked out in a horrifying array of replica Soviet medal celebrating the wearer's capacity for murder …

Japanese porn moves to USB Flash Drives


Heavily pixelated Japanese pornography featuring school girls, scarily gnarled tree roots and suckling cephalopods is now available on USB flash drives for outrageous prices, considering that Google can instantly deliver all your Japanese pornography pretty much for free.

USB Memory

GameBoy cosplayer features torso-playable Tetris

A working Gameboy costume built buy a cosplayer at Ohayocon 2009, replete with built-in emulator, which is accessed by hammering the d-pad perpendicular to his junk.…

Shuttered guitar store becomes giant amp


Guitar Store [Glen Scott's Flickr via Gadget Lab]…

Free update to Windows 7 for Vista buyers after July 1st, 2009


Good news: if you're forced to buy a Windows Vista computer in the later half of the year, Microsoft will upgrade you for free to Windows 7, with versions syncing up (Home Premium to Home Premium, etc.) Bad news: it's …

Pioneer plasma televisions going the way of the ghost


Pioneer has confirmed that they are leaving the television business, shipping their last televisions in March 2010 and focusing on car electronics and home audio-video lines. This is sad news: they make some of the best plasma HDTVs on the …

Medical laser welds sliced skin shut without sutures

Presented as part deliverance of our promise to cover more cool medical lasers on Boing Boing Gadgets, this laser beam created by scientists at Tel Aviv University to weld skin shut without stitches. "Doctors know how to cut skin, …

Acoustibuds introduces fins to stock ear pieces for better grip and acoustics


One of the unexpected casualties of the iPod age is banded, in-ear headphones. Sony used to make a set that really suited my ears, but they did not lend themselves to lazily twining around an MP3 player and throwing in …