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John Brownlee

.44 caliber revolver is the world's most powerful NERF gun

"The Most Powerful Nerf Gun" is not a designation that garners much fear amongst the six-shooter set, but loading a dart into a .44 caliber revolver and then firing it into a willing demonstrator's junk at 1,500 feet per second …

GPS chips are now smaller than a match head


GPS units are getting disconcertingly small: Epson and Infineon's XPOSYS chip is just 2.8 x 2.9mm and can fit comfortably within the sulfurous volume of a single match head, while still having enough power to stay in contact with orbiting …

iTunes might get video streaming


Apple's iTunes video purchases have a rather big drawback right now: storage. The files are large, especially the high-def videos, and most users don't have a lot of hard-drive space to store them all without constant binge and purges.

According …

Yes, Virginia, the Palm Pre will have tethering at launch


Another spike down the throat of Apple's iPhone volleyball squadron by Team Palm Pre: at launch, their prospective iPhone-killer will feature data tethering over both Bluetooth and USB, without jailbreaking. If it's so easy for Spring and Palm of all …

Pac-Man ghosts gobble up iPods in dock form


It's hard to feel too passionately about iPod docks — at best, they serve the function of a line-in cable with significantly less aural oomph — but when they are as wonderfully, nerdtastically shaped as these Pac-Man-esque ghosts, it's …

Palm CEO: PalmOS is dead, Pre App Store, International Carriers


Some great announcements burbled out of Palm CEO's talks with investors about the upcoming Pre:

• PalmOS is dead, which will certainly drive the lingering but eerily fervent PalmOS community to teeth-gnashing, but which is only practical in the era …

Lamboghini Gallardo Stilettoes: your girlfriend's feet as a mech robot


These Lamborgini Stilettos make your girlfriend's feet look like those of a cross-dressing vehicle Voltron. But, otherwise, ghastly.

Lamborgini Gallardo stilettos are outrageous [Luxury Launches]…

Iconic Tag Heuer Monaco Watch re-released with Steve McQueen's zombie approval


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Heuer Monaco watch — the only watch rad enough to be personally endorsed by Steve McQueen — Tag Heuer is releasing a slightly updated version. The picture says it all: this is one …

lolwtf: "F1 Nose Cone and Steering Wheel with Clock and Neon Light"


I'm not sure what's more incredible about this... whatever the fuck. The fact that its design resembles a toy F1, a steering wheel and a wall clock shot together through a Cronenberg matter teleportation device, or the bizarre hunchback model …

Mophie Juice Pack gets iPhone external batteries right


Most iPhone battery extenders turn one of Cupertino's sveltest designs into an pocket-dictionary sized lump of dark matter, or tether a battery dongle to the bottom with as much grace as a pair of pick-up truck testicles, but the Mophie …