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Lea Hernandez

Lea is a webcomics pioneer and one of the first American cartoonists to merge manga and American comics aesthetics. She draws Teen Titans Go! for DC Comics, and has also drawn for Marvel, Image, IDW, and Boom! Studios. Lea is currently working on her fifth graphic novel, THE GARLICKS for Action Lab Entertainment.

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Shiny, creepy eyeball crapgadget for the invisbl commun senses Link via @engadget…

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Finally, a useful bathroom scale Link

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Painting made w/ iPhone paint app Brushes was shortlisted for The One Show's Summer Exhibit. Link

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Sketchbook Mobile, iPhone ver. of fave digital art prog SketchbookPro, wins my heart for quality & $2.99 price. Link

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The intersection of RenFaire, Fangirl/boy & NerdsNerdsNerds is Wand Co.'s universal remote wand. Accio Skinemax! Link

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Some thoughts about the lack of a camera on the iPod Touch 3G & the inclusion of one on the Nano at Engadget: Link

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The intersection of Maker and iPod case is CUTE. Prepare to be destroyed, then buy felt. Link

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How many Makers are uninsured? Perhaps we are looking at a short, sharp visual cue here: Link

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Who's cuter, the musician playing the amazing Humanthesizer or the girls who make up the Humanthesizer? U DECIDE! Link

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It's official: stupidest iPhone/iPod Touch add-on released, and it's a...steering wheel. Retire the cup. Link