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Solar trees forecast a future where gadgets are charged on beaches


If our gadget dependency continues to worsen, this could be what our beaches will look like.

[via Yanko Design]…

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Researchers create electric circuit that runs on tree power: Link

Three new App store games worth checking out


At the Apple announcement today, Jobs invited several game makers up on stage to introduce some cool new App store games that exploit unique features of the iPhone/iPod Touch. Here are my three favorite examples:

1. Madden NFL 10
EA's …

It's only rock and roll with Norah Jones

norah jones.JPG

In case you haven't heard already, Norah Jones was the surprise musical guest at the Apple announcement this morning. I love her red guitar, the black roses on her guitar strap, and the red heels. So classy. …

Photos of Steve Jobs and his new Nano


Here are a few pics of Steve Jobs announcing the new Nano and its sweet new features at this morning's Apple event, taken with my G10. (Not bad for a point-and-shoot!) …

Jobs returns to announce new iTunes, iPhone OS, and Nano with video

nano annce.JPG

Steve Jobs made a surprise comeback at the Apple event in San Francisco today, announcing an upgraded operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch, a new version of iTunes, and new generations and pricing for the Touch, the Shuffle, …

Standing ovation for Steve Jobs

jobsstanding ovation.JPG

BBG's Live-Tweeting the Apple Event today


It's that time again, one of those rare few days of the year when all gadget bloggers leave their home offices and head out to downtown San Francisco to bask in the excitement that is... an Apple event! This year, …

Otamatone, Maywa Denki's newest invention

Novmichi Tosa, the man who runs the kooky briliant art unit Maywa Denki, has invented a new musical instrument called the Otamatone, which is shaped like a musical note (or a tadpole) and sounds kind of like a theremin. …

Snow White's Revenge


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