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Cars! E-Wolf E2 Electric Car


Wolf offers an electric Lambo to go with Tesla's Lotus-a-like. But looks, like batteries, only go so far. From Autoblog:

Powering the theoretical electric supercar will be one 134-horsepower electric motor per wheel for a total of 536 squeaky-clean horses

A bidet wherever you go


Skymall's Travel Bidet--lavender, daisy-garlanded design and continental name notwithstanding--is a portable arse-cleaning kit. The only thing it lacks is a USB connection!


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Sanicare Travel Bidet [Skymall via RGS]…

Power On Self Test: Skyscraper Bridge


From one commenter: "Transportation on the project seems to be neglected."

Illustrator: Raymond Hood (1929)


PSPGo in stores today

Picture 1.jpg

I'm a fan of the semiotics of silly names for colors. What do "ceramic white" and "piano black" say? Classiness?

PSPGo Available Now [Playstation]…

Worst. Doorknob. Ever.


I can see forever


Greenpeace praises HP for killing most PVC from supply chain, Nokia still cleanest


From Greenpeace:

The 13th edition of Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics rewards Hewlett-Packard for putting a PC on the market that is virtually free of PVC (vinyl plastic) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs). Only the power supply unit and

Purported PS3 ad sports Nazi imagery


Sony's "edgy" marketing gets it attention, but it's remarkable how tone-deaf it is to what people other than teenage boys will think. It's as if it doesn't see that the story should be "PlayStation 3," not "look how crude and …

Is Apple's tablet a kindle-killer?

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At Gizmodo, Briam Lam writes about the true target of Apple' tablet: readers.

Two people related to the NYTimes have separately told me that in June, paper was approached by Apple to talk about putting the paper on a "new

Report: 30 percent of NYC iPhone calls dropped

It's true that bandwidth is precious -- so precious it must be rationed! So AT&T's "3G" cellular "network" goes, and iPhone users get to enjoy the results: almost a third of all calls placed on the small Apple get dropped …