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"My ongoing Kafka-esque nightmare of dealing with Palm and their App Catalog submission process"

JWZ tears his hair out: though among the earliest Palm Pré developers, trying to get stuff into its app store is a pointless waste of time.

Apple devs think they have it bad, but at least Apple is strongly …

Snow business


Neat fact: about a third of Boing Boing readers use Macs, and of those, 21.28 percent have already upgraded to Snow Leopard. For reference, BBG is at 35.31 percent, Offworld at 27.92 percent, Daring Fireball is at about 60 percent …

Windows 7 party time!




Rocky Mountain Bank sent your banking details to random Gmail account, got judge to shut it down

When Rocky Mountain Bank mistakenly sent banking info to the wrong email address, it demanded that Google tell them who owned this email address. Google: "No." How did Federal Judge James Ware respond? He ordered gmail to close the innocent

Crunchgear talks of the coming tablet PC war (in which it is a participant.)…

Mechanical Tumor

Watch in HD. Via Gizmodo.…

PSP Go reviewed and ripped apart

PSP Go photo.jpg

Sony's renovated Playstation Portable gets its public debut, and performs as expected: it is a smaller, better, less UMD-ey gaming gadget. Ross Miller calls it a sturdy, classier game system but chokes on the mean-spirited marketing gamesmanship that Sony will …

Behold! RED camera accessories rendered in THE THIRD DIMENSION


It is unfair to accuse RED of pushing vaporware, as its technology is real and it rules. But its relentless teasing of product concepts hit the hype ceiling long ago, and maintaining the interest of those already convinced is …

Put linux on a Zipit, get a $40 netbook

A cheap little cellular WiFi handheld, Zipit does instant messaging in similarly single-minded fashion to how the Peek does e-mail. Unlike the Peek, however, the Zipit now has a real Linux distribution that turns it into a cute, ingenious, and …

Cars! Battle of the little green electric urban go-carts


Nissan's Leaf is out next year; a year after that comes the Reva NXG, recently shown off at the Frankfurt motor show.

It's a similarly equipped little plug-in, with the emissions of a butterfly and the driving range of …