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Apple iPod Announcement: Sept 9th


Apple's set to show off its latest iPod on September 9th @ 10am PST/1PM Eastern.

So what's up Jobs' sleeve?

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Power On Self Test: Beech Wood Flashlight

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Solar keeps getting cheaper! Link

The Venn Diagram of Social Media


Available on a t-shirt for $20.

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Full Moon Credenza Glows In The Dark


Designer Sotirios Papadopoulos developed "ELI" (Eco Light Inside) a material that glows in the dark and, previously, was used on this illuminating mirror.

Beats using a night light. Maybe.

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Birkenstock's Birkies shoe was developed by fuseproject. Simple, slip-on clogs you can wear gardening, at the beach, or even while cooking, just like NY chef Mario Batali.

Looks familiar, no?

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Sony's Waterproof Universal Remotes

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Sony is set to release a new line of waterproof remotes next month.

Bad news: Japan-only, at least for now.

Good news: You probably don't need a waterproof remote.

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Power On Self Test: Spooky Lamps


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Shoe Cell Phone Holder: It's For Real?!

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Only $19 from Amazon:

The perfect place for the fashion-plate to park her cell phone... Comes with built-in channel for recharging cable

Oh, and did I mention the manufacturer is called "Perfect Solutions"?

As if the company's ingenuity wasn't …