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Steven Leckart

Blockhead Stem: Cycling Do Or Don't?


The Blockhead Stem from cw&t costs $89, which seems pretty reasonable considering it's machined from 7075 aluminum.

Of course, you may be saying why on Earth would you want to put something so un-aerodynamic — with sharp edges — on …

Snakeguardz Are Also Bulletproof!


CrackShot's Snakeguardz are $70 gaiters made from tough, 1000-Denier nylon. They not only keep snakes from slithering up your pant legs, but prevent bites.

Cool stuff, but even cooler is the fact Ben Meadows says the gaiters are "strong enough …

Snow Leopard Review Round-Up

Thumbnail image for 494157151_806b535f22.jpg

Awesome, yawn-worthy, or a bit of both? The bottom lines are in...

Ed Baig at USA Today:

Snow Leopard isn't a must-have upgrade. There's not much new in the sizzle department. Many feature enrichments are modest, such as the

IBM Tape Drives (1965)


Mac Cake: Sweet 16 = Twilight


New Sport: Stand-Up Paddle Skiing


Stand-up paddle boarding, for those who don't know, involves balancing upright on a thick, buoyant surfboard while using a one-sided paddle to propel yourself through the water, and even catch waves. "SUP" has been around for years, but is getting …

HOWTO Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven


Remember when I modded my conventional kitchen oven with $13.50 worth of ceramic firebricks? In that post, I linked to a variety of outdoor ovens that seemed intriguing, like the Peruvian igloo.

Well, Serious Eats's Slice blog reports on Mark …

TMBG: "Electric Car, The New Machine"

They Might Be Giants' new kid's album "Here Comes Science" features this catchy, pro-EV ditty.

I'm not a parent, but I'll admit I'm digging this...…



Great Byte Hope: Visualizing Gordon Bell's Bits


I interviewed Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell for Wired's September issue. We chatted for several hours about his new book Total Recall and his project to capture and catalog much of his life in digital form.

From my story: