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Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study


From ISAZ Newsletter, Number 29 [pdf]:

Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study

Gail F. Melson, Alan M. Beck, Peter Kahn, and Batya Friedman (University of Washington) All data has now been collected for our study of children across three …

Video Gallery: Dogs vs. Robots

Consider the Fourth Law:

A robot must confuse, agitate and/or do battle with all canines, unless such action conflicts with the First, Second and Third Laws.

After the jump, videos in which robotic dogs, raptors, humanoids, vacuums and other bots …

Cult of Aibo worships Rolly

[via Geekologie]…

NEW4LR Robot: Teach a New Dog New Tricks


MAKE points out this new "New4LR," or "New Four-Legged Robot," an "open"—but possibly not open source—successor to Sony's now defunct AIBO robot dog project.

The Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, Germany has developed a new four-legged robo-critter they're hoping will be a