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Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study


From ISAZ Newsletter, Number 29 [pdf]:

Robotic Pets and Children: A Developmental Study

Gail F. Melson, Alan M. Beck, Peter Kahn, and Batya Friedman (University of Washington) All data has now been collected for our study of children across three

Video Gallery: Dogs vs. Robots

Consider the Fourth Law:

A robot must confuse, agitate and/or do battle with all canines, unless such action conflicts with the First, Second and Third Laws.

After the jump, videos in which robotic dogs, raptors, humanoids, vacuums and other bots …

Cult of Aibo worships Rolly

[via Geekologie]…

NEW4LR Robot: Teach a New Dog New Tricks


MAKE points out this new "New4LR," or "New Four-Legged Robot," an "open"—but possibly not open source—successor to Sony's now defunct AIBO robot dog project.

The Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt, Germany has developed a new four-legged robo-critter they're hoping will be a