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Alienware goes disco with new "laptop" keyboard


"Laptop" is in scare quotes because the M17x in question is the size of a refrigerator door. But look! Rainbows! [Cnet]…

Alienware's Curved LCD Monitor Prototype


Alienware, the far-too-expensive boutique gaming computer company that was acquired by Dell, is showing off this surprisingly attractive (and potentially even useful) curved LCD DLP monitor at CES. It's over three feet wide and has a resolution of 2,880 by …

Alienware Rack-Mount Hanger 18 HD Media Server


CEDIA, one of the major home theater expos, is currently underway, and while most of the stuff shown is your same ol' same ol', a few interesting bits are floating to the surface. This "Hanger18 HD Media Server" from Alienware, …