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Amazon Kindle 2 by Q1 2009?


Techcrunch — who have been wrong about the Kindle 2 release date before — are trotting out the rumor again, this time for a release in early 2009.

According to Arrington, their earlier reports of a slimmer, longer Kindle with …

Amazon forcing manufacturers into less frustrating, more efficient packaging

Amazon is launching a new campaign to make packaging less of a pain in the ass, specifically targeting hard plastic clamshells and tie wires. Items that are to be shipped by Amazon will get new packaging that's easier to open …

Oprah, Amazon, and cockteasing


"What is Oprah's favorite gadget?" asks this video player on

I don't know the answer because the 24-second clip never actually says. Thanks for making me feel doubly stupid for wanting to know the answer, Amazon.

I'll just …

Kindle 2 Leaked


Amazon's follow-up to the Kindle rounds the corners and smooths the keyboard, dropping the "crushed origami hat" look of the original for something that looks (sort of) like it came out of Cupertino.


The spy shots were sent to Boy …

Plastic Logic's sleek, slim, touchscreen e-reader


As promised, Plastic Logic unveiled the details of its new e-reader yesterday, and it is a serious challenge to the Kindle.

The Plastic Logic device takes a very Apple-like approach to the e-reader. Eschewing two-dimensional smallness for slimness, the …

Amazon: Kindle 2.0 this year? No way.

So! New Kindles this year? No. Hell no. Quoth Amazon Chief Spokesman on the possibility of Kindle 2.0.

“Don’t believe everything you read,” Mr. Berman said. “There’s a lot of rumor and speculation about the Kindle. One thing I

Laptop Mag reviews Peek e-mail only PDA (Verdict: A Kindle for email)


When the Peek pocket email device was first announced, some of you were skeptical. But Laptop Magazine likes it quite a bit, and spells out the Peek's charm in one captivating analogy: the Kindle is for books, and the …

This is what a broken Amazon Kindle looks like


I wish I could blame this on shoddy craftsmanship or a DRM snafu, but I'm guessing this is probably the result of my foot. All I know is that I put it in my bag one morning and when I …

All AT&T phones $0.01 on Amazon today only


If you're looking for a new phone and not adverse to jumping cellular motherships, Amazon is having a deal today only: every single one of their phones only costs a penny, today only.

The caveat: when they say every single …

Amazon's Kindle now in-stock, practically for the first time ever


If you missed the brief five hour window of in-stock availability when Jeff Bezos' hideous, easily stained but decidedly feature-rich e-book reader was first announced, rush quickly over to Amazon, where the Kindle is now available and in-stock.

Oh, it's …