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A step-by-step guide to cosplay the right (Japanese) way

Cosplay is a popular pastime among anime and video game fanatics in Japan, and probably the closest we can get right now to becoming our favorite characters. But it isn’t just about going to a Halloween store and buying the … Continue reading

Will Hollywood’s Astro Boy do the original ’60s anime justice?

Astro Boy, the classic story of a friendly nuclear-powered robot boy created by legendary Japanese manga artist Osamu Tezuka, is being released as a 3D CG Hollywood film. It hits theaters in October, with voices by people like Nicolas Cage, … Continue reading

Space Battleship Yamato in LEGO

After two years of building this Space Battleship Yamato model is complete and it bristles with beauty. (Thanks, Jay T.!)

Power On Self Test: Puppies

When I saw Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, my emotional reaction was mostly to be afraid of it. But other people, they do not think like me. [thanks, H!]

“Sexy” anime case mod doesn’t run far

With this 3D styrene PC case, anime and nerdery become, once again, companions in misfortune. It’s the Boxing Helena factor that adds the final piquant note of insanity. After all, she can’t escape if she doesn’t have any legs! Joel … Continue reading

Manga Moment: Ellipses as indicators of speechlessness in ’54 MAD Magazine

During a discussion we three were having today about the use of the ellipsis in manga, anime, and videogames to indicate speechlessness, I remembered seeing the same technique used by Jack Davis in the story “Hah! Noon!” in MAD Magazine … Continue reading

Spielberg to make live-action 3D ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie

Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks has acquired the rights to ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ reports Variety, to be made into a 3D live-action movie. Above, the intro to the original anime movie (based on an earlier manga), which includes quite a bit … Continue reading

Gundam Statue Erected at Shinjuku Train Station

A monument to beloved Japanese giant mecha series Gundam has been erected at the Kamiigusa train station in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the same neighborhood in which Gundam producer Sunrise, Inc. is located. Gundam is most famous for the loyalty it displayed … Continue reading

Friday Transvestism Remix: Catguy Anime Tribute Videos

Okay, watch a little bit of this. It’s the original version. Just for context. Then watch fan tribute, which is a work of majesty, and has really nothing at all to do with gadgets, but trust me, it’ll be fine. … Continue reading

Manga Sub-Genre Ahoy!: Mecha Musume

“Mecha Musume” is a term used by Western anime fans to describe anthropomorphic combinations of anime pin-ups and vehicles, although the term itself is actually a brand name used by artist Shimada Humikane to describe his collection of designs, including … Continue reading