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LED Apple shirt


Domenico Panacea's Philips Lumalive T-Shirt cost more than €900. You could have bought a refurbished MacBook with that, Mr. Panacea! But then, I guess you already have one. [Cult of Mac]…

Apple iPod Announcement: Sept 9th


Apple's set to show off its latest iPod on September 9th @ 10am PST/1PM Eastern.

So what's up Jobs' sleeve?

[via Gizmodo]…

Snow Leopard Review Round-Up

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Awesome, yawn-worthy, or a bit of both? The bottom lines are in...

Ed Baig at USA Today:

Snow Leopard isn't a must-have upgrade. There's not much new in the sizzle department. Many feature enrichments are modest, such as the

Mac Cake: Sweet 16 = Twilight


Hands On w/HTC's myTouch

I dropped by Wired to talk about HTC's latest Android phone.

"This Is Going To Be Such A Rad Tweet..."


TV is Dead, Long Live PC.TV


My friend Sonia has written a series of posts for the New York Times in which she tests several options for streaming web content to your television. Everything from Boxee to PlayOn.

I'm already saving up for a Mac …

Apple Store As Audition/Office Space

This little dude Nicholi has shot dozens of lip sync videos at the 5th Avenue Apple Store. And why not? Plenty of desktops. Free wi-fi. Solid tech support.

These are the same reasons model and self-marketer Isobella Jade wrote her …

Even insiders don't know everything -- especially at Apple


John Gruber put his angry old man of the Mac hat on today to snark about Gizmodo's supposed "insider" information regarding the forthcoming Apple tablet.

So Lam's source is an "insider" but has no idea what the OS is and

A "Tramp Stamp" I Can Get Behind...