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Didn't get that $200 rebate from Apple for the iPhone 3GS? Wait a bit longer

File this under "From a poor, overworked customer rep at a contracted call center," but when I asked an Apple customer service representative today if I would qualify for that $200 refund that some early iPhone 3G adopters were getting …

8 iPhone Apps For Camping


I picked up my first iPhone last Friday. I've yet to take it camping, but I'll be heading out into the wilderness this coming weekend. Nothing hardcore, but some light hiking, stove-top cooking and tent living.

Here are the apps …

Video: Overeager Fanboy Bum Rushes 3G S Launch, Gets Blocked

Here's the #1 guy in line at the San Francisco Apple Store being told to hold his horses for the iPhone 3GS. There's something about that moment of "not yet, dude" that I just love.

Yes, I know the image

First Impressions: iPhone 3G S [Verdict: Worth My Wait]


Say what you will about the 3G S &mdash that it seems more like version 2.5, instead of 3.0; that it looks exactly like the 3G and, at the very least, should have featured some design tweaks (like new colors

iTunes Store failure temporarily bricking iPhones during 3.0 upgrade

The final step of upgrading the iPhone to the new 3.0 operating system is failing, as it appears that the iTunes Store has collapsed under the weight of millions of phones trying to authorize at once. (Complaints are trending on …

"I'm tapping, but this app won't open, man"

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The Apple Cafés that 1996 nearly saw


Photo: Landmark Entertainment Group.

In November 1996, Apple announced it would open a chain of cafés. Videoconferencing and on-demand movies and music were among the touted attractions, but its the retro design vibe that seems strangest now. The plans ground

Palm Pre could masquerade as iPod to work with iTunes


John Gruber writes that if the Palm Pre's iTunes compatibility is achieved by circumventing Apple's hardware lockouts, it would be "unbecoming" and "duplicitous."

Hardly, unless you're prepared to accept the recasting of shaky legal doctrines--the Digital Millenium Copyright Act's …

Eucalyptus ebook reader app allowed on iTunes

Proving that the best way to publicity for your iPhone app is to have one of the prudish worrywarts that attend Apple's iTunes proving grounds ban your application, the ebook app "Eucalyptus" has been sheepishly led into the …

How to bullshit like an industry analyst

Apple's tablet, when it finally comes, will prove one thing: if you predict something often enough, eventually you can say you got it right.

Here's Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster's latest dance around the maypole, from Wired: