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Amazing paintings by Josh Keyes


Gallery [Josh Keys]…

More Video Games Should Look Like This.


As If Keeping Time Weren't Difficult Enough...


Everyone knows being a drummer kind of sucks. You sit in the back and watch the singer take all the credit. The guitar player's always stealing your lady (unless you're Mick Fleetwood). Your gear is HEAVY and, most importantly, …

Vintage-style Barometer


This barometer is $160 at WeatherWeatherWeather, and also comes in silver. A whip around the internet reveals some excellent pictures, taken up-close by The Invisible Agent. It looks pretty good, but the globe is plastic and it is …



MrScorp [iamgeekhearmeroar via Make]…

Power On Self Test: Tron Legacy


James White, the brilliant designer responsible for BBG's spectral background and much else besides, created this gorgeous poster for the forthcoming movie, Tron Legacy.

This isn't official by any means, but it would certainly be a dream job to

Microsoft Store logo revealed: pixel


Were it not for the too-thin whitespace, it'd be pixel art! Here, let me fix that:


LED spray paint can


One of the newer projects by French artist Aissa Logerot (who made the ironing board that flips into a mirror) is called Halo, and it's a graffiti can that sprays LED lights instead of spray paint. When the battery …

iPod Nano cases made of old cassette tapes


These CAD$49 cases are "gutted, routered and rebuilt" to fit fourth-gen Ipod Nanos. [Contexture Design] …

A weekend with Cakewalk's Sonar V-Studio 100


A digital music dilattente, I'm hardly qualified to evaluate the quality of Sonar's VS-100 compared to rival equipment. So I won't. Instead, I'll just tell you why I like this pricey $700 box, and look forward to the day I'm …