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Famous Joy Division LP Cover Visualized


Ever wondered what it'd be like to see the wave on Peter Saville's iconic cover for Unknown Pleasures actually SOUNDS like come alive?

Well, here ya go.

Better yet: The code's available here, if you want to play …

Time lapse: Public helps build massive Lego light bulb

Amazing--some dedicated Lego fields built an enormous light bulb over the course of a day--and the public helped out! LEGO sent over time-lapse footage of the work in progress:

In honor of National Inventors' Month, LEGO Systems Inc. launches its

Photos: Comic-Con Toys, Art & Tchotchkes


Reading Lamp


Designed by Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck, this reading lamp turns itself off when you drape a book over it. Genius. [Core77]…

Visualizing Complex Functions


Tiny Akai keyboard is tinier


Step aside, Korg Nano: Akai's LPK 25 keyboard and LPD8 pad are nearly as small, but offer pro-grade construction and velocity-sensitive keys.

Powered by the USB bus and 13 inches long, they're designed to fit in laptop bags and …

Laser-cut wooden keyboard


"Nasty Business"

Over on the front door, there's an ancient arcade game you won't, I assure you, have any recollection of playing. It's part of a Date Farmers and Logan installation in LA over the weekend: Xeni with more.…

NES Controller Netbook Sleeve


This lovely sleeve, snugly accommodating a netbook, was made by mendicon's girlfriend for his Acer Apire One. [via Gizmodo]…

iPhone 3GS: Adequate Filmmaking Tool?

Videos shot using the new iPhone 3GS are piling up on YouTube, which has reportedly experienced a massive surge in mobile uploads since the phone hit the market last month. Exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the idea of …