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Belkin RockStar Headphone Hub

Belkin’s new “RockStar” is a simple star-shaped minijack hub to which multiple headphones can be connected, allowing one music player to send music to up to five pairs of headphones. An additional port is a dedicated input, while the other … Continue reading

Help Me Understand This Belkin Laptop Alarm

Instead of locking your laptop, Belkin wants you to strap its alarm to something secure—then if your laptop is swiped, the alarm will sound. I don’t get it. Why risk someone grabbing your laptop and muffling/destroying the alarm when you … Continue reading

Belkin x Razer n52te Speed Pad PC Gaming Thingy

Belkin and gaming peripherals company Razer have teamed up to release the “n52te SpeedPad,” one of those strange power-gamer devices created for the hard core PC gamer who never chats during the game to his friends. It’s got all the … Continue reading

Belkin TuneScan FM Transmitter for iPod

FM transmitters are useful buggers for car trips, even if they are an evil made necessary only by car stereo manufacturers’ still amazing reticence to add a nickel miniJack input to their stereos. (Although to be fair, that is an … Continue reading