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College textbooks coming — slowly — to Kindle

Princeton University Press will be selling textbooks in Kindle editions, reports the Christian Science Monitor. That's potentially good news for students: it'll make carrying around a whole bunch of textbooks something besides a spine-compressing metaphor for their college loans. …

PGP code book, distributed to route around export restrictions, on eBay


Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an email encryption system originally released at a time the U.S. government wanted to treat all such encryption as military technology. To route around an absurd prohibition on exporting such software, its creator, Phil Zimmerman, …

Michael Ruhlman suggests a book about kitchen knives


Michael Ruhlman recommends the book An Edge in the Kitchen. It's a whole book about kitchen knives!

Chad Ward, a writer based in North Carolina, has written a handsome volume on knives and everything you might want to know

Hardbox drive enclosure is hard, not really much like a book

It starts with a good, if precious, idea: wouldn't it be cool if we made an external hard drive that looked like a classic hardcover book?


The idea is greenlit by the powers that be, and begins its journey through …

German Wikipedia will be printed

German publisher Bertelsmann has announced that they will be selling a stripped-down printed version of Wikipedia later this year. Wha'?

The idea is to use Wikipedia to capture the zeitgeist by selecting the most popular entries, Beate Varnhorn, the editor

$250k book scanner swipes through 3,000 pages per hour


Just watching the DL 3000 book scanner in operation scares me. The bars that swoop over the book, raising and flapping pages, seem far too large and heavy-duty; it's as if a brush of wind or the slightest nudge would …

Leander Kahney's Inside Steve's Brain is out


It's hard to believe that one man revolutionized the operating system business in the 2000s, converting Windows' extraordinary market dominance into the reviled seven-year ditch that is Vista, and squandering billions on confused advances into ill-understood peripheral markets like …

Computing for literary sneaks: a laptop concealed in a book


Is Kyle Bean's laptop design our age's equivalent of a pistol hidden in a bible? The answer is "No," but I still prefer the idea of it being a violence facilitator for literary ninjas, rather than yet another comment …

The Rocketbelt Caper by Paul Brown


"The Rocketbelt Caper" by Paul Brown sounds like quite the real-life crime yarn.

[The Rocketbelt Caper] tells the incredible true story of the Rocketbelt 2000, a jetpack-type device built by friends Brad Barker, Larry Stanley and Joe Wright in Texas

Forbidden Lego Book Reviewed

forbidlego.jpgEvil Mad Scientist has given the nod to the just-released Forbidden Lego by Ulrik Pilegaard and Mike Dooley (published by No Starch Press, who also print the fantastic Unofficial LEGO Builders Guide), and it sounds like a winner if …