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R2-D2 Boom Box, by Bill McMullen


At-At Walker Boombox, meet the droid you're looking for. Alas, it plays only chiptunes.

Las Vegas to Los Angeles What An Excellent Adventure [Mischka via Gizmodo]…

At-At Walker Boombox


Dear God, yes.

Source [zen77990] (Thanks, Phil T.!)…

Boombox wristwatch


It's often true that something nerdy is so astounding or self-aware that it becomes cool by virtue of its novelty or attitude. The Flüd Boombox digital watch takes this conceit and runs with it–off a cliff.

One imagines a humming …

Rare Sharp Boombox with built-in mini-organ


Retro-Thing, spotters of all sorts of gorgeous antediluvian electronica, found this wonderful Sharp MR-990 boom box up on eBay. No mere ghetto blaster, this: the usual accoutrements like dual cassette bays, detachable stereo speakers, AM & FM and a …