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Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes

Patagonia's OutsideIn footwear comes in two parts: a soft upper with a light tread on the bottom, suitable for indoor wear; and a glueless, strap-on latex bottom that makes the shoes suitable for outdoor use. Replacement latex treads can be…

Sexy Star Wars stormtrooper boots

Come-fuck-me boots for the fashion-conscious Imperial set, as designed by Rupert Sanderson for the Fashion Fringe Shoe competition. A casual Google image search reveals I'm not the only one who has nuzzled a passionate fantasy of PVC Death Star fumblings…

Cougar Paws Roofing Boots with Velcro Soles

These "Cougar Paws" roofing shoes have Velcro pads at the bottom to make it easier to swap in new fibrous-mat soles, the better to stay up on a roof instead of sliding off the shingles to your death. Cougar Paws