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Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes

Patagonia’s OutsideIn footwear comes in two parts: a soft upper with a light tread on the bottom, suitable for indoor wear; and a glueless, strap-on latex bottom that makes the shoes suitable for outdoor use. Replacement latex treads can be … Continue reading

Sexy Star Wars stormtrooper boots

Come-fuck-me boots for the fashion-conscious Imperial set, as designed by Rupert Sanderson for the Fashion Fringe Shoe competition. A casual Google image search reveals I’m not the only one who has nuzzled a passionate fantasy of PVC Death Star fumblings … Continue reading

Cougar Paws Roofing Boots with Velcro Soles

These “Cougar Paws” roofing shoes have Velcro pads at the bottom to make it easier to swap in new fibrous-mat soles, the better to stay up on a roof instead of sliding off the shingles to your death. Cougar Paws … Continue reading