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Cocktail Chemistry Set


This "Cocktail Chemistry Set" is cute enough and just shy of $40, making it nearly cheap enough to merit a second look. But if you were willing to give up the custom bent-metal serving tray, you could order the flasks …

A nice bottle of USB


When California's Peltier Station Winery created a Port-like fortified wine, they hit a problem: they're not in Oporto, Portugal, or anywhere near it. So they couldn't very well call it Port.

The solution was, in the age of the ascendant …

The pitfalls of corn plastics


A Consumerist reader noticed that his Primo-brand bottle water, made from plastic derived from corn-based byproducts (and water!), shrank noticeably in the sun. I think that's an acceptable trade-off for non-petroleum-based plastics if you must buy bottled water in the …

Blender Bottle is a shake and gravy solution


The latest Cool Tools updates gives a muscley thumbs-up to the "Blender Bottle," a $7 cup with a steel mixing ball in the bottom for making protein shakes with one hand. (Don't even.)

he whisking ball is really ingenious, but

Twist Cap Releases Instant Tea


A Japanese company is selling these plastic bottles that hold 1.4 grams of green tea or other additives in the top. Twist the cap to release the tea into the water, creating an instant serving of cold-brewed tea. (The bottles …

"Lime Bomber" For Adding Fruit Wedges to Beer


Some say a good beer doesn't need a slice of lemon or a wedge of lime. And perhaps they're right, but sometimes all that's available is bad beer that can use all the help it can get. The "Lime Bomber" …

Laken ISO 70 Aerogel-Insulated Water Bottle


The "Laken ISO 70" water bottle's outside shell is made of aluminum, but its filled—partially, of course—with aerogel, that wonderfully lightweight and low density material that weighs just three times more than air. It's a great insulator, helping in …

Armor and Dresses from Plastic Bottles


Commissioned by a large soft drink manufacturer (I presume Coca-Cola, but I don't know), Artist Kosuke Tsumura created sets of armor and dresses out of plastic PET bottles, sewn together with transparant nylon thread. As Pink Tentacle points out, it …

"Life Saver" Water Filtration Bottle


Although the write-up is short on technical details, the "Life Saver" water filtration bottle claims to clean up water in just a few seconds, filtering out any contaminants longer than 15 nanometers, including viruses, without the use of chemicals.

The …

Solar Bottle Uses Sun to Purify Water


These new bottles are designed to take advantage of the "SODIS" method of water disinfection—using the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun to purify water—by putting a layer of black, sun-absorbing material opposite the clear side of …