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The whimsical rationale behind tech's best branding

CIO has posted a pretty good feature (at least for perusal during the standards usually set by groggy, early-morning coffee slurping) about how ten famous technology products were named. Some of them are pretty interesting, like Red Hat Linux taking…

BIC Phone is branding coup de grâce

While I find the implicit message of "toss this when you're done" here, I have to admit: a pre-paid phone co-branded with BIC, makers of world famous cheap pens and razors, is sort of brilliant. The BIC Phone will be…

"i" before "me" except after WWDC

Adam Lisagor on the significance of Apple's new "MobileMe" branding:
I offer evidence only in my strictly unacademic impressions of the differences between ‘I’ and ‘me’.  For instance, ‘I’ implies activity, a doing and a being of something.  Ideologically, this

X10: "Honestly, we don't give a shit about branding"

It starts off like any other job interview for a world-class marketing position. Your interviewer is the typical executive of a suburban Seattle gadget company: like most corporate movers-and-shakers, he is wearing workout sweats and a wife-beater at the office,…