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Digital Abacacus Worthy of Count Chocula


Brando's $10 Soft Solar Chocolate Calculator comes in three flavors, er, colors: dark, coffee, and strawberry. If you buy one for a Valentine, I suggest also throwing in the white chocolate keyboard.

Button Spy Camera continues Brando's commitment of novelty


Crapvendor Brando's spy products tend to be the most compelling, even if they're surely built with the same attention to detail (none) as the gear they craft for the budget cloak-and-dagger set. Nevermind that the $96 "Button Spy Camera

"Hello, computer."


The "Star Trek USB Communicator Internet Phone" is the platonic example of a Brando product: it's a cute replica of TOS-era communicators, complete with lights and sound effect, but it has a cord. $43 of missing …

Brando "Spy Ear" is a tiny cell phone that always picks up


Calling this little box the "Tiny SIM Card Spy Ear" is confusing literalism the way only crapvendor Brando can do it. Here's what it does: It's basically a cellphone in a box with a microphone, letting you call …

LOVE: USB Plasma Heart by Hong Kong's cybernetic Cyrano, Brando


It's powered by Brando USB crap gadget schmaltz, but any girl whose face failed to light up in reflected plasmic love upon at this Valentine Heart's unveiling deserves to be resoundingly dumped for being too sub-romantically geeky to seriously consider …

Brando is not just a crapvendor, but a real person


Who knew? Besides Elaine Chow, who interviewed him and toured the USB-festooned workshop?

Brando Segon: USB memory stick in the shape of system RAM


Brando brings their F-game to the "Segon Turbo Flash Drive", a memory stick in the shape of...memory. The "DDR RAM appearance" has an "environmental green shell" — plastic, surely.

Like nearly everything Brando makes, it's so dumb that …

Brando spy watch contains secret videocam


This multimedia watch is hideously Brando and features the usual gaggle of badly implemented Brando features — a 1.8 inch screen with built-in MP4 and music player and 8GB of flash memory — but its true interest lies in a …

Brando's latest glowing, palm-sized keyboard


Another miniature wireless keyboard from purveyors of crapulence, Brando. This time, it comes in the electric blue backlight of a Tron helmet. There's also a USB slot on the side for adding a peripheral mouse.

It seems like this is …

3-Axis Level Bubble for Cameras: a random flash of genius from Brando


I don't really know the inner workings of renowned crapgadget manufacturer Brando. I assume, much like Family Guy episodes, their products are composed by a tank full of playful manatees, dunking balls featuring random gadget features through hoops according to …