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Cardboard Animal Trophies, for the big game hunter who prefers to mail-order

Cardboard Safari makes laser-cut cardboard animal head trophies suitable for wall-mounting, each available for $52 (plus shipping). They're made from recycled cardboard. I'd proudly display any one of them on my wall, but I'd only feel most ethically in the…

Cardboard laptop cooler

Designed by James Li, this cardboard laptop cooler is powered by USB. "Cardboard ignites easily," cautions Make's Marc de Vinc. DIY: Cardboard laptop cooler [Make]…

Does Sennheiser use this cardboard packaging? (If they don't, they should)

We can't figure out if this packaging for the Sennhesier CX 300 headphones — made entirely of cardboard — is real or just a design prototype. Clearly previous CX 300 were packaged in the typical hard plastic shell, but…

Kururmarukun: Folding Cardboard Toilet

We all enjoy giggling at strange Japanese inventions from time to time, but rarely are their products really that weird. It's a different culture with different sensibilities, is all. I mean, what person on the planet wouldn't enjoy pissing in…

Post a Phone Concept by Priestman Goode

The "Post a Phone" from designer Priestman Goode is made to be mailed in a standard flat-pack A5 envelope, along with an ample spool of telephone cord. It's a cunning design, but what struck me most was his choice of…

Stunning Transformers Bumblebee Papercraft

This amazing, articulated Bumblebee model (from the Transformers movie) is hand-crafted entirely from cardboard and paper salvaged from Japanese fast-food containers. BUMBLE BEE With PAPER [] (Thanks, Captain Marvel!)…