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Exilim z85 Hello Kitty edition


At last. [Gs4u]…

Casio Cachalot solar watch reviewed. Verdict: "Great vacation watch."


CrunchGear's John Biggs reviews Casio's $900 Ocanus Cachalot, a watch for people who know exactly what they want.

I’ve seen a few Casios in my day and they’ve finally nailed it on this version. The outer timing bezel clicks

Casio looks to go head-to-head with iPhone


Every time Casio walks out of the calculator or watch fields, as they are wont to do, I feel a bit wary, like watching a master swordsmith take up rifle making. But Casio knows what they are doing: they are …

CES: Casio press conference liveblog. Hopefully I won't call their CEO a "half-man" this time

Casio calculator watches refresh their colors


If you still hanker for the convenience of wrist calculating but hanker for in-season colors, Casio has just refreshed their decidedly retro-line of calculator watches. All cost $59 a piece, except the black, which Apple MacBook style costs more than …

Casio's Exilim Phone: Not yours


That Casio submitted the latest version of its ultra-thin camera phone to the FCC is a cruel jape: the model line is only available in Japan.

Hope springs eternal. Who could not want a RAZR-sized phone with a 800x480 high-res, …

Engadget chief's retirement gift


Engadget supremo Ryan Block got a beautiful 1980s calculator watch for his years of service (he's now getting ready to launch with Peter Rojas) and here it is.

Ever wonder what they get you when you “retire” at Engadget?

Casio terrorist watch now offered in white (Updated)


UPDATE: this was originally a harmless post about what appeared to be a cute retro wristwatch with a twist. It turns out that it's on ... the terrorist watch list.

This lovely retro watch, "Farmer," is engraved on the rear …

Exilim Cellphone hits FCC


Casio's Exilim lineup of cameras is all a modicum of quality in the smallest possible form. Its forthcoming W63CA cellphone, then, will make for an interesting change: only Sony Ericsson pushes particularly hard on the cam-phone convergence front, and its …

Casio channels Star Wars rust aesthetics with G8100-A-5


Casio's new G8100A-5-oh-whatever G-Shock watch has the look of a dilapidated bot stolen by the bicycle thieves of the Star Wars universe, the stinking Jawas. It looks like the sort of Casio HK-47 might strap to his servo-controlled wrist before …