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Video: Casio VL-1 dropping sick(ly) beats

The blogger who runs Palm Sounds just picked up a vintage Casio VL-1 and recorded this short video showing off its filtered squarewave timbres. Casio VL-1 Pictures and video [Palm Sounds]

Review: Casio Exilim Ex-Z80

Most digicams in the last couple of years came in a fixed form factor: just under an inch thick, about three and a half wide, and about 2 inches tall. Canon’s satisfyingly blocky Elphs are the exemplar of it; others … Continue reading

Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1: 60FPS Camera; 1200FPS in Low-Res Mode

That Casio camera we talked about last August—the one capable of shooting 60 frames per second—has been officially announced as the Casio Exilim EX-F1. If you drop the resolution from 1,920 by 1,080 pixels down to 336 by 96 pixels, … Continue reading

Video: Seiko Memory Bank Watch Ad

What I find most interesting about the Memory Bank watch series is how forward thinking they were back at their introduction, but how little Seiko did over the years to improve the design. Casio (which I realize is not the … Continue reading

Casio USB Label Mouse Printer

Getting Things Done nerds will be drooling into their file folders over the Casio USB Label Mouse Printer, which tucks a little thermal printer into the bottom of an otherwise conventional two-button mouse. Labels are printed using any TrueType font … Continue reading

Casio Prototype Camera Shoots 60 FPS

Although it’s not ready for the open market yet, Casio is showing off a prototype camera at this year’s IFA trade show which can shoot six-megapixel images at 60 frames per second. To give you an idea of how fast … Continue reading