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Earphones integrated into fuzzy cat ear headband


Thanko, the Japanese gadget company best known for its quirky USB products, has these earphones connected to a fuzzy cat ear hairband. This is great for Akiba types and other cat ear fetishists who need an excuse to wear cat …

A Cat Who Knows How To Handle a Mouse


The most expensive coffee in the world is made from animal poop

kopi luwak.png

Meet the Asian Palm Civet. Also known as a Toddy Cat, he is a feline-sized mammal native to Southeast Asia. Civets like to eat red coffee berries and beans. In the jungles in which they live, they find the sweetest, …

USB Cat Tail


Faintly disgusting and completely wonderful, GeekStuff4U's USB cat tail has 2GB of memory. Unfortunately, it does not swish. [Akihabara News]…

iPhoto 09 recognizes faces... even cats'


I don't know why it surprised me, but one of the best things about upgrading to a new unibody MacBook Pro was finding a new version of iPhoto installed on the machine. Oh, sure, I knew I could have technically …


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Cat, pharaoh of the carpet, surveys her realm by Roomba

Alternatively. Alternatively. Alternatively. Alternatively.…

Power On Self Test: I Can Has Cheese?


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We attack Caturday, pass it on


Good news from the Malabar front: Puppies will fit, too!

Cat Play House [Drinkstuff via RGS] …

Blender Defender terrifies cats that dare approach the kitchen counter

This gentlemen maintains a video collection of his cat's attempts to leap onto his kitchen counters. As he has devised an apparatus that effectively dissuades the cat from doing so, all of them have the same ending.

The Blender Defender