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The SureFlap protects your house from unauthorized kittens


The SureFlap is a great idea: a robotic cat door that only allows the appropriate RFID-implanted kitty into your house, as opposed to any toxoplasmosis infected plague cat that decides to bust on in and start a-spraying. No price listed, …

Alan's DIY "Cat Jet" litter box ventilation system


Our friend Alan Graham wrote up this great project for venting cat litter box fumes out of his house. It's called the "Cat Jet", which implies much more hilarity than the actual project affords.

As any cat owner knows, no …

Power On Self Test: I Are Waiting for Monday


Video: Kitty Cornershot Hides Rifle Inside Plush Cat

Discovery's "Future Weapons" had a segment on the "Kitty Cornershot," a modification to the standard Cornershot—a rifle that can snipe around corners—that disguises the muzzle of the gun inside a sweet little plush kitty. Never trust stray cats again.


Hidden Litter Plant Box


The only way I'd like this "Hidden Litter Planter Box" more is if it could somehow compost the cat leavings into something nutritious for plants. Considering that feline droppings and urine are about the most toxic substance emitted by mammals, …

Cat Spa Might Actually Be Used By Cats


I want to mock anything called the "Cat Spa," but looking at this unit, which includes all sorts of little nubs for rubbing and a tooth-cleaning rubber chew with can be filled with catnip, it's hard not to think that …