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Gallery of concept phones from KDDI, including musical instrument phones

Japanese phone company KDDI has always had the best handsets on the island — at least by my judgement, not clouded by frippery like usability or price. CrunchGear has a photo gallery of some of their latest concept phones shown … Continue reading

Fujitsu prototype flip phone breaks…on purpose

Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo are showing off this prototype keitai handset at the CEATEC 2008 trade show. The “Separeeto Keitai” looks like a normal keitai flip phone, but give the keypad a tug and it sunders cleanly from its magnetic … Continue reading

JVC’s Clap- and Gesticulation-Controlled TV

JVC showed off a prototype TV at CEATEC that can be controlled entirely through hand claps and gestures. Clap twice to bring up a volume and channel menu, clap again to make a selection, or wave your arms around in … Continue reading

Fujitsu’s Prototype “FLEPia” Color ePaper eBook

Fujitsu showed off this prototype ePaper book reader at CEATEC, which is most notable for its capability of displaying 4096 colors. That’s good—current commercial ePaper products are all grayscale—but the pixel density is also important for legibility; I’m not sure … Continue reading

DoCoMo’s Prototype Body Fat and Bad Breath Phone

Japanese phone carrier DoCoMo is showing off a prototype mobile at this year’s CEATEC trade show that uses bioelectrical impedance to measure your body fat percentage, as well as some method to gauge how bad your breath stinks. Sounds like … Continue reading