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Pharos Traveler 137 out now


Pharos' Traveler 137, touted as "the first phone to provide 3G speeds on both T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless' network," is out now. Specs after the jump.…

A brief history of cellphones


Mat's got a gallery of mobile phones from the last two decades up at Wired.…

The LG Renoir is virtually immortal


The Unbreakable of cellular phones, the LG Renoir: freezed at sub-zero temperatures for 12 hours, thrown against the floor, jumped upon, spun-dry for fifteen minutes, drowned in wine, run over by a Ford Focus... and still working fine.

LG Renoir

OLED-screen cell phone design speaks truth to complexity


This Nokia Aeon-like concept sketch, by Mac Funamizu, demonstrates how a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. It is, as Unplggd remarks, the "IPhone Nano You've Always Wanted"; but that is really just a way of saying …

Cellphone popcorn hoax revealed as viral marketing scam

The hoax, prompted by videos in which people popped popcorn with the radiation from their cellphones, was for a Bluetooth headset company named Cardo. I'd ding them for promoting bad science, but I have to admit as far as …

186,000 British drivers fined in 2006 for driving while yapping

Some 460 drivers are fined a day in Britain for talking on their cell phones at the wheel. This compares to where I used to live in New Mexico, where 460 state and local representatives are nicked every day for …

USB Smart Cable Cellphone Strap Not Inaptly Named


The design could be a little more subtle—plus white rubberized products for the pocket always end up grody—but the "USB Smart Cable" lives up to its name as a simple cell-phone strap that unfurls into a USB cable, ending in …