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Windows 7 runs on 600MHz UMPCs

For retronauts who wants a modern OS on decidedly sub-modern CPUs but don’t want to go the Linux route, Windows 7 is looking to be a juicy plum. It seems to be excellent at scaling… far better than Vista was. … Continue reading

Doom 3: Repercussions of Evil: another Garry’s Mod masterpiece

It is not entirely as majestic an opus as the other Garry’s Mod fan fiction masterpiece, Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences, but Doom 3: Repercussions of Evil is still a magnificent dramatic work, full of all the pathos and bathos you’d expect … Continue reading

Post-Its become Slinkies in “The Sticky Note Experiment”

If we can all just agree to the conceit that a square of brightly colored paper with glue smeared on one side is a gadget of a type, then this is the best gadget video of the week: Eepbird’s “Sticky … Continue reading

Leaked video of the HTC Dream running Google Android

Past the smegmous layer of Vaseline slathered all over the wobbling camera phone’s lens, this frustratingly blurry video purports to be of Google’s Android OS running on the HTC Dream. Nevertheless, it looks pretty good: the orientation control is amazingly … Continue reading

Vintage Atari 2600 ad explains the genesis of Yar’s Revenge

This vintage ad for the Atari 2600 shows how the ideas for games were dreamed up before there was a conceptual library of standard ideas to draw inspiration from: a man sitting in a room with a dizzy fly, creating … Continue reading

The Shining recreated with WowWee robots

The famous Shining tricycle scene re-created with a WowWee tribot and a couple of dismembered Femispapiens. Regrettably, the clip doesn’t contain a robotic interpretation of a man in a bear costume giving an old man a blow job… my favorite … Continue reading

Monty on the Run Spectrum game recreated with a hamster

According to Wikipedia’s entry on the ancient Spectrum game Monty on the Run, the titular Monty is a union-busting mouldywurp who must flee Britain and find a way over the treacherous English channel to find criminal safe haven in Cold … Continue reading

Vintage 1982 news report on “The Pac-Man

It’s not embeddable, unfortunately, and you need to wait about thirty seconds for this video to kick in to a vintage 1982 report on Pac-Mania by KPNX of Arizona, but if you can get past all that, you’ll be treated … Continue reading

Magnetic Movie

Entertaining videos about magnetic fields are usually confined to the broad video genre of MRI accident security tapes. Unless calamity strikes, what could be less interesting than watching a movie about magnetism? But British film group Semiconductor’s Magnetic Movie is … Continue reading

Intro to Joysticks features awesome retro games, hot blonde, double entendre theme song

The opening credits for 1983’s Joe Don Baker vehicle Joysticks features an alluring, scantily-clad valley girl shaking her ass and spazzing out in front of a line of gorgeous retro arcade cabinets, while a highly suggestive title song tells us: … Continue reading