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Patagonia OutsideIn modular shoes


Patagonia's OutsideIn footwear comes in two parts: a soft upper with a light tread on the bottom, suitable for indoor wear; and a glueless, strap-on latex bottom that makes the shoes suitable for outdoor use. Replacement latex treads can be …

Power On Self Test Card


TV Sweatter2 by ~specialsally [FFFFound via Monster Munch]…

Golaces: Rubber Laces Turn Sneakers to Slippers


"Golaces" are rubber shoe lace replacements. Each end has an arrow-shaped tab that can be wedges into each eyelet, turning most shoes into simple slip-ons. They're only $10 for 16 (available in three sizes and many colors), but I'd like …

Pants with Integrated Tourniquet


While it's not actually being used in any military clothing yet, it's not difficult to see how the Blackhawk Integrated Tourniquet System (I.T.S.) could find its way into the pants of our fighting men and women. To staunch the flow …

Fashion & Technology Student Projects from Malmö U


The Duchess of Design Regine Debatty has uncovered a bunch of interesting student projects from the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University. They're all interesting projects, but I'm partial to "The Drum Suit," pictured probably needlessly here, since …

Crocs to Launch Foam Resin Clothing Line


The Daily Mail is reporting that Crocs, the makers of the stupendously ugly and comfortable foam resin sandals, intend on launching a clothing line using a "relaxed" version of the same material. Despite myself, I am intrigued.

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