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Kottke saw Objectified (4.0.gif):

Some interesting moments from the Objectified screening last night.

- Rob Walker, who writes the Consumed column for the NY Times Magazine, was my favorite person in the movie. I particularly liked his idea for

Gallery of "electrical cabling gone wild"


I recall the old police shack in Times Square dripping with cables stretching all over the back wall, but the new shack must have finally put those all underground. [Gallery @ Royal Pingdom]…

Milk the Rich: Purisme carbon fiber bangle


Purisme sells this lovely carbon fiber bracelet for a maddening €590.

Carbon Mods UK will sell you a single A5-sized sheet of carbon fiber for $14.30.…

ShamWow versus Zorbeez: Two men enter, don't both die in a fire because there is no god

There's a rivalry in Hucksterville, as Billy Mays has called out Shamwow's pitchman Vince Offer to claim that the Zorbeez chamois was the original and bitch shouldn't front, etc. According to PopMech there was even some rapping involved, I'm sure …

Laptop: Office Depot salespeople lie about inventory if you don't buy extra laptop accessories

According to a report from Laptop, several Office Depot employees have been lying to customers from whom they don't expect to make a "good" sale:

According to several LAPTOP readers, including a current Office Depot employee we interviewed, the

Commercial: Loewe Sound

This commercial for Loewe televisions, available in Germany, does not require you to adjust your volume. (Slick-looking televisions, too.) (Thanks, Florian!)…

Liquidating Circuit City corporate


Richmond BizSense has produced this surprisingly compelling video showing the liquidation of Circuit City's corporate headquarters. The strings in the background, the snow covered sign outside, the frustration in the liquidation manager's voice—it's intense.

Like the liquidation of the retail …

Buzludzha, the abandoned UFO amphitheater of Bulgaria


[Artificial Owl via MicroKhan]…

Gary Hustwit, director of Objectified, talks design, baby strollers, and streamlining our lifestyles


Gary Hustwit made the biggest design geek film of recent memory: Helvetica. Now he's gearing up for a follow up that casts its net a little wider; Objectified will look at the objects we own, the humans who design

Experiment: Dissolving starch packing peanuts


Above: A sink full of starch packing peanuts soaking in hot water.

Below: The results, 24 hours later.


Conclusion: These packing peanuts are made of plastic.