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Contest Winner!: Fighting Space Chicken


Well, I really had no idea so many BBG readers would want to get their hands on my fighting cock bot.

In the end, the winner was a reader by the name of Paul (aka Misterfricative), who won us over …

Contest: Win My Fighting Cock-Bot


I stumbled on this Fighting Cock-bot at a junk shop in San Francisco that was having an everything-must-go sale. The box is dated 1986 and indicates the robo-chicken was manufactured by the Chi Land Plastic Manufacturing, Co in Taiwan.

Aside …

Contest: Win an Alto User's Handbook & Smalltalk Instruction Manual

alto edited.jpg

When I visited PARC for the second time, I asked the staff what kinds of historical mementos they had lying around. Not only did they promptly hand me a copy of the Alto User's Handbook from 1979 and a Smalltalk

Sketch a futuristic LG phone design, win money

Jeff Bliss is temping at Autodesk and has been tasked with getting people to link this phone design contest from LG and CrowdSpring. (Autodesk is a sponsor.) It's hard out there for a temp, so we'll help him out.

From …

Tweet Week: Follow us on Twitter, win prizes


Hey, sailors! Do you like stuff? We like to give you the stuffs. So here's how we're going to do it: Every time you follow one of the Boing Boing editors' Twitter feed, we get an email. We'll select from …

Oreck Contest Winner: BPratt's Self-Mutilating Dinosaur

There were lots of great entries in the "Suckiest Gadget Experience" contest, but none quite made us laugh like BPratt's story of the wooden apotemnophilic dinosaur who ruined Christmas morning.

The Winning Story [BBG]…

Contest: The Suckiest Gadget Experience Wins an Oreck XL Vacuum


Another contest from Intern Copeland! This time you can win a rather nice Oreck vacuum cleaner by dint of your story telling skills alone.

We are looking for your worst, never-again, broke-your-spirit, storming-the-corporate-offices—flat out suckiest—gadget experience. (Not necessarily the …

Contest: Gelaskin x Boing Boing Gadgets Cosmology@Home Team

I am pleased to introduce our first Boing Boing Gadgets intern/research thrall, Mr. Brian Copeland, hereafter to be known only as "Copeland." His first task is to start getting some of these prizes in place for our C@H team. There

Neuros Contest: Last Chance to Enter and Help Team bOING bOING Take the #1 Spot


What started as a fun way to extend our Neuros x Boing Boing Gadgets contest is turning into a full-fledged rout, as Team bOING bOING is on track to take first place across the entire project. We've reached second place …

Contest Update: Neuros x Boing Boing Gadgets Extended (with Bonus Nokia N95)


We didn't get enough good, original entries this week to do the Neuros contest correctly. I blame myself—I made it too difficult, forgetting that most people don't want to work to get free stuff. (Who can blame them?)

So I'm …