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Morning tech deals highlights

Processor – Microcenter is selling the Intel Core i7 920 processor for $200, about $75 off. [Slickdeals]

Arc Mouse – Microsoft Arc cordless laser mouse (the one that has the flip up rear end) for $20, …

Reseller market for iPhone 3G is a lot like used Macs

One of things that long-time Macintosh owners will tell you is that the resell value for Apple computers trends higher than other PC brands. It's not uncommon for even three- or four-year-old Macs to sell for hundreds of dollars, while …

Morning tech deals highlights

Headphone Coupon – Skullcandy has a 50% off coupon from the online store, with $1 shipping. (The $1 goes to a breast cancer charity.) [Slickdeals]

World of Goo – You can download World of Goo, …

Morning tech deals highlights

Inflatable Bed – AeroBed Lasting Comfort Air Matress (queen) for $85, shipped. It's at Costco, so non-members pay a 5% surcharge. These are normally around $120. [Slickdeals]

Gutter Robot – The iRobot Looj gutter-cleaning robot has …

Morning tech deals highlights

Nokia Tablet – Nokia N810 Tablet with Wi-Fi and QWERTY keyboard for $180, shipped. These things are being obviated for smartphones, but there are still plenty of interesting things you can do with a Linux-running computer of that size. …

Morning tech deals highlights

PSP – Dell is selling the older Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP 2000) for $112, or about ten bucks off. Still a fine media and game player and emulator, even if it's a bit big. [Slickdeals]


Morning tech deals highlights

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray — Pre-order the Ghostbusters re-release on Blu-Ray, then combine coupons SONYPIC5 and GHOSTBLU to drop the price from $20 to $10. Shipping is free on Amazon if your order is over $25. Heat 'em up!

⌦ …

Video: Panic Sale!

Panic, makers of fine Macrintorsh softwares, are having a 50% sale.…

Morning tech deals highlights

ePaper eBook – Ectaco jetBook JB5W-EN eBook Reader for $170, shipped. It's pretty ugly, but it has a five-inch ePaper screen and support for a lot of different formats, including .pdf, Mobi, and Epub. Don't take this as an …

Morning tech deals highlights

Monitor – Dell S2409 24-inch 1080p LCD for $185; S2209W 1080p LCD for $134; 2009W 1,600 by 900 pixel monitor for $101. [Slickdeals]

GPS – Garmin Nuvi 205W for $140, shipped. [Dealoco]