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Morning tech deals highlights

Mobile Pizza Oven – The Roadpro Pizza Oven can be powered by the 12-volt outlet in your car. It's only $30, shipped, although I haven't calculated the devaluation of your self-respect. [Dealoco]

HD Monitor – Westinghouse …

Morning tech deals highlights

Universal Remote – Amazon is selling a refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 remote for $120, shipped. They're normally over twice that new. [Slickdeals] Relatedly, Logitech has finally put out an RF adapter to make the Harmony remotes with …

Wal-Mart testing automated trade-in machines for used videogame


Wal-Mart is testing a used games trade-in machine at certain locations, a development that's welcome, if only to raise the price of trade-ins (or lower the price of used games) at Gamestop. Unfortunately, according to Neocrisis, the blog-slash-anime-suffix, the …

Morning tech deals highlights

Xbox 360 Arcade Classics – Lots of classic arcade games for $3 from Amazon, including Gauntlet, Dig Dug, and TMNT the arcade game. That's a couple bucks off on most, I believe. [Slickdeals]


Oi, mate, deal on a Viliv is hosting a one-day sale on the Viliv S5 mobile internet device, with a 1.33GHz Atom CPU, XP and a 6-hour battery. The S5 has a 4.8" touchscreen haptic display, and the first 400 to order get a free …

Morning tech deals highlights

LEGO Indiana Jones game – Amazon is clearing out the LEGO Indy game for Wii for $15. Anything over $25 is shipped free, as per usual. [Slickdeals]

Pocket Camcorder – The Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9 camcorder is …

Morning tech deals highlights

Xbox Controller – Newegg is selling the regular black 360 wireless controller for $30. [Slickdeals]

Security Camera – The Q-See 4-channel color outdoor wired camera set feeds back to a 250GB DVR, perfect for your own …

Morning tech deals highlights

Wireless Router – Netgear WNR834B (DD-WRT-compatible) Wireless N router, refurbished and on sale for $27, shipped. [Slickdeals]

Netbook – The MSI Wind U90 with 512MB RAM, 3-cell battery, and 80GB HDD for $195, shipped. Will take …

Morning tech deals highlights

Point-and-Shoot – Nikon Coolpix S550 in a nice plum color for $100. Pick up in-store or ship for $7. About $45 off. [Slickdeals]

Pocket Printer – The Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Photo Printer is at Best …

Morning tech deals highlights

Sonicare Toothbrush – Amazon is selling the entry-level 4100 model for $37, shipped, which is about half off. Sonicare will sheer the cruft off your choppers like a chainsaw to cheddar. [Amazon] Update: Derp.