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Disney Netbook

A Pink Eee with Disney’s logo on it: it could not be more perfunctory, could it? [Amazon]

Edul Young’s heartbreakingly awesome Beauty and the Beast LEGO music box

Edul Young’s Beauty and the Beast-themed music box, constructed from LEGO, is just fantastic in every way, from the attention he’s paid to the character models (the Beast head is Chewbacca! Belle’s dress is minifig arms!) down to the way … Continue reading

CES: Disney Zombies

CES is no stranger to zombies. Plodding, doddering half dead things, each drop of juice forcibly drained from their desiccated husks into the 1.8 million square foot vortex of tech consumerism’s great embalming necropolis. It’s the nature of the show: … Continue reading

Stitch humidifier retches moist air into your face

Even if I didn’t already like Disney’s Lilo and Stitch — I thought it was one of the better outings from Disney in an otherwise dismal decade — I’d adore this Stitch Hudifier. It emits a constant gaseous belch of … Continue reading

Socks for Cell Phones

Disney goes all out for baffling gadget promo of the year. “Socks for your phone” is a set of licensed socks, $15 a set, featuring characters like Eeyore, Minnie the Mouse, Tigger and so on. (Try promo code NL08081 for … Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray requires viewers to agree to 57 page EULA

Disney’s release of its first Blu-Ray title, Sleeping Beauty, contains over one hundred and twenty pages of legalese when completely unspooled, including a 57 page EULA to access the BD-Live content and a 63 page privacy policy. A shame that … Continue reading

A Goofy Guide to Hooking Up Your Home Theater System

Disney’s latest Goofy short, How To Hook Up Your Home Theater System, isn’t new — it was released in 2007, but largely went under the radar — but it’s significant, not just because it’s a fantastic update with an equally … Continue reading

Decapitated Stitch eats, plays your CDs

While I still buy CDs — the Microsoft PlaysForSure debacle is just more steel for my resolve not to buy songs over iTunes, and I’m not going to pay a premium to get my music without DRM — I didn’t … Continue reading

More Fantastic Epcot Concept Paintings

On our “In the Year 2000” Flickr pool update with the picture of the Epcot concept painting, Willykea left this comment: Miraculously, on the day this was first posted I was cleaning out my garage and found a box containing … Continue reading

Beautiful EPCOT Concept Painting from Our “In The Year 2000″ Flickr Pool

INTERN DUNN – If you’ll direct your attention to our “In the Year 2000” Flickr pool, you can observe this lovely EPCOT painting in its natural habitat. Consider the rays of light as they guide your eyes from the majestic … Continue reading