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NEC's massive 43" curved display soon on sale


The 2880x900 pixel resolution of NEC's CRV43 curved display is perfect for gaming, but at $8,000, it's not everyman territory. It has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 0.02ms response time, and is claimed to cover 100 percent of the sRGB color …

CES Trend Watch: Fujitsu N7010 laptop nestles a tiny screen above its keyboard


Here's one of the trends you're going to see at CES this year: laptops with small, secondary displays inside.

And here's a good example: the Fujitsu Lifebook N7010, with a small (but relatively high-resolution) touchscreen just above the keyboard.

We …

LG working on multi-touch displays... but are they for iMacs?


There's reason enough to be skeptical that Apple views multi-touch laptops and desktop displays as a sure thing, including comments from Jobs himself saying "just because we could doesn't mean we should." Still, with HP of all companies soundly beating …

MIMO 7-inch LCD monitors for menus, widgets and contact lists


Ever since I plugged a secondary monitor into my computer for the first time, I've had a maxim: the more displays hooked up to your machine, the better. If you scoff, try it out: you would be amazed at what …

Manodo touchscreen reports every detail of your energy consumption


Touchscreen computers installed in the hallways of fifteen apartments in Gothenburg, Sweden, inform the residents the carbon footprint of every action they've taken in their homes, helping them monitor the true cost of leaving the lights on or taking a …

Alienware's Curved LCD Monitor Prototype


Alienware, the far-too-expensive boutique gaming computer company that was acquired by Dell, is showing off this surprisingly attractive (and potentially even useful) curved LCD DLP monitor at CES. It's over three feet wide and has a resolution of 2,880 by …

Planar's Transparent and Segment Electroluminescent "TASEL" Displays


It's rare that I get pitches from electronics components vendors and even more rare for me to post them, but these "TASEL" displays from Planar have some nifty potential uses. They're transparent, for one, but can also be crafted in …