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100 years of tea bags (give or take a few years)


Depending on how you slice it, this could be the 100th anniversary of the tea bag. (The Guardian suspects tea'd-up silken sachets might first have been dunked in 1904.)

I've found a small stash of green Earl Grey at our …

A long evening with Bawls' high-caffeine G33k B33r


Bawls, maker of energy drinks, sent in a few bottles of its new high-caffeine "guarana g33k b33r" for review. I don't like root beer much — and root beer it is — and the addition of needless chemical anxiety …

Twist Cap Releases Instant Tea


A Japanese company is selling these plastic bottles that hold 1.4 grams of green tea or other additives in the top. Twist the cap to release the tea into the water, creating an instant serving of cold-brewed tea. (The bottles …