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Multikill Vehicle Hover Test

It's "recognizing and tracking a simulated target," which I think means we're all doomed. Here's what it is.

Missile defense multiple kill vehicle hover test [Youtube via jwz]…

Flying dildo drone says: Loose lips won't sink ships

Noah Shachtman reports on the "Voyeur" drone, a 27-inch flying drone designed to protect our ships at sea.

Drone-maker Lite Machines is working on a similar machine for land-spying. And the company informs us that the Voyeur boasts "near-silent operation"

Spy Drones to Hang from Powerlines like Trash

The US Air Force Research Lab is toying with the idea of letting spy drones recharge by hanging on power lines, disguised as garbage.

From New Scientist:

In addition, so as not to arouse suspicion, AFRL says the spy

World's *ist: QinteiQ Zephyr Drone Completes 54-Hour Flight


Although the military overtones of the test kept official record keepers from monitoring its test flight, UK defense firm QinetiQ put its unmanned, solar powered drone "Zephyr" into the air over the weekend, where it flew for 54 hours straight. …