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Video: Unboxing The Fleshlight

When I tweeted about needing to get a hold of a Fleshlight, I wasn't entirely kidding. One BBG reader answered my bluff call, put me in touch and, well, now I've got a real-life Fleshlight [NSFW] in my home... actually, …

A Fleshlight is not a FireWire Audio Interface Device, Amazon


Well, it's an interface all right, but it's not for audio. Unless I've been using it wrong all this time.

MOTU Traveler-mk3 FireWire Audio Interface [Amazon via Techcrunch]…

Lonely MacGyver: Make a "Fleshlight" from a Potato Chips Tube


Should you find yourself staring lustily at the empty potato chip container you just ravished, Something Awful goon "STFU Pumpkinhead" (who has an X-Com avatar) has put up a HOWTO explaining the best way to turn that plastic tube into …