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Review: GMT Solar Lantern [Verdict: Works]

gmt solar.jpg

The SL900 is a relatively-lightweight, dead-simple-to-use lantern that sports two solar panels, LEDs and a 6V 4AH sealed lead acid battery. You simply leave it in direct sunlight while hiking, hanging or whatever, and it will charge up enough to …

Rocking chair looks like a purple hot dog


This piece of furniture designed by Jamie Hayon is called The Rockin' Hot Dog.

[Hayon Studio via Dezeen]…

Metal coat rack inspired by a ribbon


I'm really digging this metal coat rack inspired by a ribbon. It was designed by Hemal Patel of London.

[Headsprung via Dezeen]…

LED spray paint can


One of the newer projects by French artist Aissa Logerot (who made the ironing board that flips into a mirror) is called Halo, and it's a graffiti can that sprays LED lights instead of spray paint. When the battery …

Lava Lamp returns as Mathmos Fireflow


An interesting balance between retro and reinvent, these new lava lamps are out this fall in the U.K. [Mathmos via Technabob] …

Machine Light, by Frank Buchwald


Each example of Frank Buchwald's work is made to order. His Machine Lights create a serious "Do Want" situation.

Frank Buchwald via The A.…

Cassette Lamps


Oomydesign via Inhabitat

Coffee table with a built-in firepit


Planika, a European furniture company that specializes in fancy fire pits, sells coffee tables that have built-in fire pits, so you can sit around a cozy flame without being out in the cold. You could also think of it as …

Reading Lamp


Designed by Jun Yasumoto, Alban Le Henry, Olivier Pigasse and Vincent Vandenbrouck, this reading lamp turns itself off when you drape a book over it. Genius. [Core77]…

Ikea's colorful, altruistic solar-powered desk lamps


IKEA's solar-powered Sunnan desk lamp is cute, costs only $20, and doesn't use any electricity. A full charge will give you about four hours of light. Even better, for every Sunnan lamp sold since June, IKEA claims it is shipping …