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HOWTO: Build With Grid Beam


When I was editing Cool Tools, J. Baldwin recommended a fantastic book on constructing furniture and other things with Grid Beam. I bought the book, but have yet to put it to use, so don't take my word for …

Black and White Clock


Kibardin Design's Black and White clock has four OLED digits equipped with light sensors, ensuring an appropriate color is always used. Kibardin is looking for a manufacturer. [via Oh Gizmo]…

Giant solar-powered LED flowers in Jerusalem


In Jerusalem, an art collective called O*GE has a neat installation that consists of giant solar-powered low-wattage LED flowers. It's a joint effort with Israel's electric company to promote alternative energy. The flowers, which include lotuses and tulips, are made …

Side table (not) made of old LP sleeves


"Structured with birch plywood, wrapped in giclee canvas and coated with poly resin," this side table looks like a few dozen albums glued together--I hope good taste is evinced--and put on IKEA legs. $450. [Bughouse via Awesomer]…




Review: MSR Hubba Hubba HP 2-Person Tent [ultralight]


The Hubba Hubba HP is a $450 3-season tent that weighs a scant 4 lbs when fully-packed (at just 20 x 7 inches), making it ideal for longer-term packing or anyone looking to lighten the load. When assembled, the HP …

Review: Three headlamps for dark nights

Tikka Plus2 mystic gray.jpg

Petzl Tikka Plus 2

The Tikka Plus was my favorite of the three headlamps I took with me on our camping trip, and that's why it's the headliner of my review. It emitted a soft, clear light, and at three …

BB Video: Omega Recoil, Mad Electro-Makers Who Craft Giant Tesla coils

(Download / YouTube)
Boing Boing Video today peeks inside the electrified world of Omega Recoil, a group of engineers and "makers" who craft giant Tesla Coils, and stage humorous and thrilling performances with those large electrical …

Touch-Sensitive Hoodie Lights Up, Plays Tunes

Leah Buechley Kanjun Qiu* designed this hoodie at the MIT Media Lab using a LilyPad Arduino, power supply, LEDs, tiny speaker and iron conductive fabric.*


I've looked at a ton of light up garments, El Wire, etc. This is one …

Levitron Revolution levitates your keepsakes, Dr. Strange figurines


Aaron M. writes:

I had a chance to see this new invention at the New York Toy Fair and it is finally public on their website.

There is a small disk which levitates a few inches above the surface