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The Guitar Hanger in fact does


Music Radar found a clever thing: the "Guitar Hanger", which lets you hang up your axe in the closet. (You could also put a guitar in it.)

According to the manufacturer's site, it's only available from a …

For Sale: Speedboat in the shape of a guitar


Comissioned by singer Josh Pyke, this guitar-shaped boat is on sale. From Undercover News:

The extraordinary guitar-shaped boat built for the Josh Pyke video `Make You Happy` is going to be auctioned for charity. Maton guitars created the SS Maton

Line 6 POD Studio USB interfaces for guitar players (and their guitars)


Line 6, makers of a variety of virtual amplifier modelers and other nifty hardware for guitarists, is pushing out a new like of interfaces called the "POD Studio", all of which support high quality audio input over USB.

The main …

RKS Gig Stand, a folding guitar caddy


Although they appear to be slowly going off the market, the "RKS Gig Stand" looks like a nice bit of folding plastic for guitar players. The whole thing closes shut and then collapses on itself when not in use, making …

Tesla coil guitar amp

It may not sound that great, but I'm a big fan of any technology that allows arcs of electricity to shoot between the amplifier and the guitar during a bitching Metallica solo.

[via DVICE]…

N-Tune In-Guitar Tuner


Guitar tuners are a dime a dozen, including ones with little motors that physically turn the pegs to Gibson's fully automatic "Robot guitars." Separate tuners are difficult to find when you're on stage, however, and the Robot guitar, …

Metasonix "Fucking Fucker" G-1000 Tube Amp


My musical ability is such that I make even the finest sonic gear sound like a fox caught in a solids compactor at the local treatment plant, but if I could make sweet musics, gear from Metasonix would be my …

Blackbird Rider Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitar


The Rider Acoustic from Blackbird Guitars uses carbon fiber instead of wood to create a lightweight guitar that they claim sounds as good as a traditional, full-sized acoustic. It's certainly striking. (And in a good way, unlike so many out-there …

Video: Guitar-Activated Vibrator

When NOTCOT got both a simple plug-in amplifier and a vibrator that is controlled by an audio input delivered on the same day, naturally they had to rig them all together, creating a double set of sex toys that vibrate …

Gibson Robot Guitar Official


More details are out about the Gibson Powertune line of self-tuning guitars—for one, they're now being peculiarly branded as "Robot" guitars. Whatever the name, I think we can all agree the new paint job is quite attractive. I'll never have …