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Bandai Gun O'clock shooting target alarm clock

Even if I didn't like the Bandai "Gun O'Clock" alarm clock — and I do, because I already wake each morning with a gun in hand just in case my dog has turned into a sexy female spy cowboy who…

Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators "Unnatural Selector" Ray-Blunderbuss

If your time-travelling hunting expeditions have netted you a fortune in apatosaurus ambergris, feel free to pick up one of these ornamental "Unnatural Selector Ray-Blunderbuses" from none other than Weta Workshop, New Zealand's most famous prop house. They're only making…

New LazerTag guns are practically sci-fi objets d'art

Just the product image of the Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System is causing me to experience a euphoric sensation of jellification. For$ 80, the package includes two gorgeously designed Phoenix LTC guns with rumble, recoil and manual reload as an option.…

M-16 nail gun

DeWalt's lineup of quality powertools just got some shock and awe with this brand-colored M16 "nail gun," the spectacular creation of David Wiggins.
I’d just picked up a new (to me) M-16 and was in the process of fixing it

ST-2 shooting simulator lets you use own gun

Marksman Training Systems' £30,000 ST-2 is touted as the first simulator for demanding shooters needing an off-field training system. Putting aside the cheesy appearance (Mad Dog McCree jokes that write themselves are forbidden forthwith from the comments) the sim incorporates…

Steampunk sonic rifle

This steampunk sonic rifle prop created by Deviant Artist Vladislaus Dantes isn't nearly as cool as that Model 666 anti-vampire NERF gun we posted yesterday, but one needs a war chest fitted with a suitable prop for every sub-genre. Sonification

Video: Toddlers shooting machine guns at cars

This video details the "Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot," a 2005 event in which families used military-grade weaponry to destroy cars in a field. This year's event is this month. I love my country. [via Gadget Lab via Kottke via…

Is This Rubbish Bin a Suicide Machine?

Image: Screengrab from An Australian man took his own life on the 18th by arming a "robot" with a .22 pistol, standing in front of it, and prompting it to fire. Which is, of course, a rather ingenious if…

Brickarms: Real-World Weapons for LEGO Minifigs

Brickarms is an online boutique specializing in custom weaponry for LEGO minifigs. They offer both historical weapons as well as fantastic ones, like this M41A Pulse Rifle used the Colonial Space Marines. Even better, they're all cheap—about a buck apiece.…

N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25: Fully Automatic NERF Cannon

This new Nerf "N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25" is a fully automatic belt-fed dart gun, powered by six D batteries. (I can't think of the last time I used D batteries.) It's only forty bucks, too. This will be mine when it…