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"N Range" Indoor Target Range


The "N Range" Shooting System is an indoor firing range, tastefully concealed in a wooden armoire. While the target is steel-backed to absorb any impact, the manufacturer requires the use of a custom round that is low noise, low smoke, …

The Back-Up Bed-Mounted Gun Rack


The "Back-Up" is a gun rack for your bed, making it possible to conceal a handy shotgun alongside the mattress. Perfect for dealing with home intruders or kinky Army of Darkness fantasy play.

Only $40, plus shipping and handling. Down-filled …

Pink Shotgun from Remington


Some might give you some speech about how making guns seem more like toys—painting them pink like this Remington 870 shotgun, for instance—might cause our kids to not give them the respect they deserve. Not me! The more pre-teen girls …

Oobject Top Ray Gun Collection


Today's collection on Oobject, the "Top X" ranking site for gadgets and gear, is ray-guns! I can't say that I liked the top three as much as the next three, which is why I picked them out here, …